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Preparation For Your Maternity Photo Shoot

As expecting parents, you are ecstatic about your growing baby… and not to mention the growing bump! Theres no better way to remember this monumental moment in your life than with a professional maternity photo shoot. Maternity photography not only captures your beautiful round baby belly, but also the love and emotions that accompany the final months of your pregnancy.  You will always be able look back at these images and reminisce about creating a new life, a new love, and a whole new world. So when your baby is crying at 4 AM and you haven’t slept in 3 days, you’ll look at these images in your nursery and remember how much you truly loved your baby before you ever even met.

Here’s what Jamie recommends for your Maternity shoot:
• Best time to take maternity photos is from 32-37 weeks.

• A print of your ultrasound.
• Baby booties or a stuffed toy you have purchased for the baby.
• Special sentimental jewelry. (ex: a necklace or earrings from your husband)
• Panel-free pants or jeans.
• Your pre-pregnancy jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped.
• Sports bra or tank top (we can clip the tank top up in the back to expose your belly).
• Black pants. Many of the darker poses that fade into shadows work best with black pants.
• Black panties, because a little sliver of them may be visible with unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans.
• A fitted non-maternity top. The goal is to have something that hugs your shoulders
and breasts, but is a little bit too short to actually cover your belly..
• A flesh toned strapless bra and panties to use with sheer fabrics. This will give the
effect of “implied nudity” but will allow you to feel more comfortable during the shoot.
• A smooth bra and panties without bows or lace details. These items can be useful for
silhouetted images (where the background is very bright, but the subject is a dark outline).
A silhouette does not provide any detail or definition, just shape!
• A long pretty silk scarf that can be draped over your breasts and behind your back.
• A button down shirt (your own or one of your husband’ s shirts). You can button the
top part over your breasts and leave the bottom part unbuttoned over your belly. Or
you can leave the whole thing unbuttoned, revealing the curve of your breasts. This
can be done either braless or with a sexy bra.
• Black. If you are self conscious about excess weight and would like to do shadowy
pose where it is difficult to tell where your body ends and the shadows begin,
definitely wear black clothing. This can include black panel-free pants, a black tank
top, a black button-down shirt, etc.
• A hair-clip. If you have long hair, you might opt to do some poses with your hair down
and some with it piled loosely on your head.
• Keep in mind that your hands may be prominent in some of these poses. Therefore make sure to
groom your nails. Natural looking nails, pale colors, or a french manicure photograph much
better than dark nail polish colors.

I highly recommend drinking lots of extra water for the prior two days…it will make
your skin look particularly

If you are worried about stretch marks, please don’ t… I can edit the photos accordingly! As any
mother-to-be knows, pregnancy is hard on the body. Additionally, everyone has variations and minor
imperfections to begin with. Maternity photography will show more of you than usual, so extra
care must be taken so the variations do not appear unflattering or distract from the focus of the
picture: the beauty of motherhood.

Lastly, I would like to stress that this is your special photo session and you are in control of what
we shoot. I want the session to be a fun experience and would never push someone outside of their
personal comfort zone. If some items in the list above do not appeal to you, no problem! If you have
a specific outfit/idea in mind tell me! I have posed for maternity portraits myself and have probably
had some of the same questions and concerns that you do.
Please don’ t hesitate to call me to talk things thru!


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